Pakenham Cattle

March 18, 2019

Yarding 1299
Change 212

There were approximately 1,050 export and 250 young cattle penned, representing an increase of 210 head week-on-week. The usual buying group was present and operating in a mostly cheaper market. Quality declined, with fewer young cattle suited to the trade and a larger proportion of secondary heavy weight cattle and cows. The more limited selection of trade cattle improved up to 10c/kg, while plainer young cattle eased. Grown steers and bullocks sold firm to 5c/kg easier. Heavy weight grown heifers sold to 8c cheaper and more on some sales, while heavy manufacturing steers eased by 6c/kg. Cows declined from 15c to 20c, while heavy bulls eased by 11c/kg.
Vealers showing good finish sold from 265c to 330c/kg. Yearling trade steers made from 264c to 295c/kg. Yearling heifers to the trade sold from 242c to 268c/kg.
Grown steers made from 250c to 274c/kg. Bullocks sold from 255c to 278c, after a top of 288c/kg. Heavy grown heifers made from 185c to 258c, while heavy crossbred manufacturing steers sold from 200c to 265c/kg. Most light and medium weight cows made from 120c to 180c/kg. Heavy weight cows sold from 152c to 195c, after a top of 215c/kg. Heavy bulls made from 187c to 247c/kg.