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Naracoorte Sheep & Lamb

November 27, 2018

Yarding 14569
Change -4359

Lambs 12158
Change -4759

Sheep 2411
Change 400

Agents yarded 12,158 lambs and 2,411 sheep to total 14,569 head overall.

These sold to another large field of trade and processor buyers, with lots of restockers orders also present and active. Numbers of lighter lambs increased this week, with good quality trade types becoming scarce as the heavier end of these eased in price, while the lighter end of the trade lambs remained firm amongst good processor competition. The increased number of light lambs were mixed when it came to quality, with some staying fresh in the skin, while majority are showing signs of dryness, as the light lambs also sold to cheaper prices.

Light weight lambs to the trade sold from $96 to $138, with the light 2 and 3 score trade weight types making from $132 to $145/head. Restockers purchased big numbers as they turned light weights back out from $54 to $96 and those with better conditioning from $118 to $141/head. Trade weight 3 score lambs stayed firm at approximately 670c/kg cwt as they sold from $138 to $162/head. Heavy lambs made from $158 to $188 to ease $4 to $6, while the few extra heavy types sold from $192 to a market top of $210/head. Hoggets received from $66 to $94 for light weights, with the heavier selection making from $114 to $141/head. Light ewes sold from $46 to $87, while medium weights made from $85 to $112, as the heavy types received from $102 to $131/head.

Wethers sold to $135, with rams making from $64 to $84/head.