Bendigo Sheep and Lamb

April 16, 2019

Yarding 27500
Change 4160

Lambs 17000
Change 1411

Sheep 10500
Change 2749

Numbers increased ahead of the Easter holiday period and the next sale being a fortnight away. There was a reasonable selection of heavy lambs, but limited supplies of ideal domestic types in the 18-22kg cwt range. Price results were mixed based on weight and quality. Heavy lambs over 26kg cwt were cheaper, with not all export buyers operating. The extra heavy lambs were the most discounted to average
$12/head less than a week ago. Prices then improved for neat domestic lambs. There was also some special Easter buying, which influenced the market, most notably for very small lambs in the 10-15kg cwt range to suit Greek Easter spit lamb orders. Some of these small lambs with fat cover made over 900c/kg cwt.
Heavy export lambs sold from $200 to a top of $220/head, estimated to make from 640c to 650c/kg cwt. The main run of 26-30kg cwt lambs sold from $175 to $204/head to average approximately 660c/kg. Carcase prices kept improving as the sale moved onto medium and lighter domestic lambs, with the best pens commanding over 700c at up to 760c/kg at times. The pick of the medium domestic lambs made from $142 to $173/head. Most light weight processing lambs made from $110 to $135/head, with the special Greek Easter order creating price premiums for suitable small lambs. Merino lambs were well supplied, the heaviest in a skin reaching $187/head. Most plainer and lighter Merinos sold from $120 to $156/head.
Another big autumn yarding of sheep, drawn out by the dry conditions and strong prices of the past fortnight. The market for heavy mutton did soften, with exporters not prepared to the big $200/head plus prices of recent markets. Heavy crossbred ewes sold to $170 and Merinos with a higher value skin made to $176/head. Three extra big crossbred wethers made the top price of $195/head. The bulk of the trade and heavy sheep receiving from $90 to $150/head, with an estimated carcase price from 460c to 520c/kg cwt. Light weight sheep were dearer.