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Telang Pastoral 27th Annual On Property


27th Annual on Property Sale - Kingston SE SA

199 Starling Lane, Wangolina (13kms South of Kingston)

Friday 2nd November, 2018 @ 1pm SA Time

8000 Shorn Lambs

4000 Ewe Lambs & 4000 Wether Lambs

50% Merino, 25% Border Leicester, 25% East Friesian

  • May/June 2018 drop, September Shorn
  • Drenched Cydectin Oral + Sel + minerals in September
  • 2 x 6 in 1 vaccinated, Scabiguard, Eryvac
  • Backlined Extinosad September
  • Drafted into lines by weight

Ewe lambs also:

  • GUDAIR VACCINATED, MTS and Tri Solfen treated

 Scott Bittner 0428 673128 / Robbie Starling 0409 678421

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