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Pakenham Cattle

January 20, 2020

Yarding        963
Change      -362

Agents penned over 200 cattle less this week, however, the quality improved particularly across the vealer category. All the regular field of buyers were present and operating fully, with feedlot buyers also active in the market. Widespread rain resulted in a stronger result across all categories with prices lifting up to 25c/kg in places. Vealer calves with shape gained 13c to 25c, selling from 291c to 330c and veal going to feed made from 246c to 287c/kg. Yearlings to the trade were more readily available this week with steers selling from 269c to 289c, holding firm and the heifer portion gained up to 10c, making from 250c to 284c/kg. Feeder steers over 330kg were well supplied again selling from 244c to 286c and heifers made from 235c to 279c/kg. Yearlings returning to the paddock were also well supplied making from 229c to 270c/kg, selling in a firm market. The quality of heavy steers improved this week with the best of the C3 and C4 grown steers selling from 265c to 290c, gaining 5c to 10c and
bullocks made from 272c to 286c to be 3c/kg better. Grown steers going to feed sold from 293c to 305c/kg. Some quality pens of dairy steers were on offer to export processors gaining 7c to 10c, making from 228c to 249c/kg. Another good offering of mixed quality cows were available to export processors with processors igniting further, as the cow sale progressed. Heavy 3 and 4 score beef cows jumped 18c to 25c, making from 229c to 259c, with the middle run of D2 cows gaining 20c to 25c selling from 205c to 229c/kg. The best of the dairy portion reached 232c, gaining 19c/kg. The light D1 types were 18c stronger, selling from 185c to 210c/kg. Bulls sold to the usual buying group with B muscled bulls making 268c/kg.