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Pakenham Cattle

October 22, 2019

Yarding    1389
Change       46

Numbers remained steady on last week’s sale and the yarding comprised of a large number of secondary lines going to the feedlot buyers. Prime lots were a little steadier this week with similar quality offered. All the regular spring buying group were present, operating in an easier market across categories. Trade cattle suiting the domestic processors sold to the regular competition in a weaker market. Good quality trade steers eased up to 9c, selling from 260c to 305c and the heifer portion also declined, easing 3c, making from 270c to 295c/kg. Feeder prices were softer this week with good supplies continuing. The better lines of steers sold from 240c to 275c and the heifer portion made from 246c to 271c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks were well supplied and although the result was softer, the quality was good. C3 and C4 grown steers sold from 292c to 324c, easing 5c to 20c/kg. Cows were mixed and competition was good for the light end, however, not all processors operated on the prime lots. Heavy 3 and 4 score beef cows made from 237c to 258c, easing 2c to 7c/kg. The middle run of D2 types sold from 228c to 235c, easing 4c and the very light D1 types declined up to 5c making from 170c to 215c/kg. A few good light cows with frame were snapped up by restockers averaging 215c/kg.