Naracoorte Sheep & Lamb

August 20, 2019

Yarding   3408
Change   -624

Lambs    1856
Change  -691

Sheep    1552
Change     67

Numbers eased slightly as agents yarded 1,856 lambs and 1,552 sheep to total 3,408 head overall. These sold to the usual array of trade and processor buyers with a small number of restockers active throughout the market. Quality continues to be mixed as both the sheep and lamb markets sold to easier rates this week with a single pen of new season lambs returning $218/head. Lightweight lambs to the trade ranged from $67 to $152 with the lightweight trade 2 and 3 score types ranging from $142 to $169/head. Restockers turned a small number of lambs back out from $90 to $105/head. Trade weight 3 score lambs are becoming harder to find with a mixed selection on offer and these returned from $155 to $188 and average around 820c/kg cwt with a drop in price of up to $7/head. Heavy lambs ranged from $189 to $214 with the few extra heavy lambs ranging from $205 to a market high of $224/head. Hoggets ranged from $93 to $123 for the lighter types as the heavier selection ranged from $148 to $173 with light ewes returning from $98 to $110/head. Medium weighted ewes ranged from $115 to $136 as the heavy pens ranged from $146 to $211 and a fall of $8 to $10/head. Wethers ranged from $115 to $202 as rams ranged from $130 to $178/head.