Naracoorte Sheep & Lamb

June 25, 2019

Yarding  4818
Change -2603

Lambs   3810
Change -2297

Sheep    1008
Change -306

Numbers eased as agents yarded 3,810 lambs and 1,008 sheep to total 4,818 head overall. These sold to a slightly smaller field of trade and processor buyers, with a restocker also present and active. All weights and categories were on offer amongst the mixed offering, with less demand from the buying group leading to easier prices over most of the sheep and lambs. Light weight lambs to the trade varied from $55 to $158, with the light weight trade 2 and 3 score selection making from $144 to $168/head. Restockers sourced lambs to grow on sold from $97 to $150/head. Trade weight 3 score lambs saw less demand this week to return prices from $151 to $204/head, or approximately from the 850c to 880c/kg cwt area. Heavy lambs sold from $198 to $230 as the extra heavy export weighted types made from $232 to a market high of $287/head. Hoggets varied from $92 to $160, with light ewes making from $76 to $122/head. Medium weighted ewes sold from $122 to $149, with the heavy ewes receiving from $160 to $200, as all ewes eased $3 to $5/head. Light wethers sold from $118 to $126, with the heavier selection making from $139 to a high of $215, as rams returned prices from $50 to $145/head.