Naracoorte Sheep & Lamb

February 12, 2019

Yarding 3170
Change -2407

Lambs 2560
Change -1986

Sheep 610
Change -421

Numbers decreased as agents yarded 2,560 lambs and 610 sheep to total 3,170 head overall. These sold to a larger field of trade and processor buyers, however not all of these were fully active. Restocker orders were also present and active, although not in the numbers of previous weeks. Quality was again very mixed, with only small numbers of heavy lambs with both weight and condition to interest the trade, however both the lambs and sheep markets sold to dearer prices. Light weight lambs to the trade sold from $38 to $132, with the light weight trade 2 and 3 score types making from $129 to $140/head. Restockers sourced lambs from $40 to $88 for the very light and from $105 to $124/head for those with more weight. Trade weight 3 score lambs received from $136 to $150/head to average close to the 650c/kg cwt area. Heavy lambs made from $149 to $170, while the few extra heavy types sold from $164 to a market high of $180/head. Hoggets made from $102 to $127, as the lighter ewes sold from $54 to $94/head. Heavy ewes returned vendors from $108 to a market high of $155, with a lift here of up to $30/head. Young wethers varied from $68 to $88, with the older types making from $106 to $142, as rams sold from $58 to $85/head.