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Naracoorte Sheep & Lamb

December 3, 2019

Yarding     12114
Change     -5489

Lambs        8550
Change    -4174

Sheep         3564
Change    -1315

Numbers have started to fall away as agents yarded 8,550 lambs and 3,564 sheep to total an overall number of 12,114 head. These sold to the usual array of trade and processor buyers with not all of these being fully active with the smaller number of suitable trade type lambs as the majority of those coming forward are now of store condition and a large number are showing dryness in the skin. Restockers were very active and operated keenly to secure a significant portion of the offering as the market sold to easier rates with the best of the trade lambs returning around the 700c/kg cwt area. Light lambs to the trade made from $80 to $141 with the light weight trade 2 and 3 score types returning from $118 to $147/head. Restockers purchased a wide range of lambs from $75 to $152/head. Trade weight 3 score lambs sold from $146 to $160 as the heavy lambs made from $166 to $197, with the few extra heavy lambs selling to a market high of $236/head in an isolated sale. Hoggets sold from $92 to $174 as the light weight ewes sold from $85 to $95/head. Medium weighted ewes sold from $112 to $143 with the heavy types returning from $140 to $189/head. Most sales of sheep were covered by a range of 550c to 580c/kg cwt with a decline in price of $5 to $7/head with the absence of a regular sheep buyer being felt. A run of sound mouthed 5 ½ half year old ewes mainly returned to the paddock from $153 to $190, as wethers sold from $142 to $180 and rams made from $55 to $130/head.