Naracoorte Cattle

March 19, 2019

Yarding 386
Change -467

Numbers eased by over half, as agents yarded 386 head of live weight and open auction cattle. The usual field of trade and processor buyers were present and active, with a couple of regulars welcomed back who were joined by feeder and restocker orders. Good quality is becoming very hard to find, with only limited numbers to interest the trade. The majority of those on offer were of store condition, in a market which improved on the previous week.
Yearling steers to the trade made from 252c to 274c, to improve 5c, as restockers turned these back out from 242c to 265c, while feeders purchased from 205c to 275c/kg. Yearling heifers to the trade sold from 195c to 273c, with these cattle drawing restocker interest to 211c, and feeder support to 210c/kg.
Grown cattle were small in number, as the grown steers and few bullocks made from 230c to 275c, an improvement of 6c with more in places, as grown heifers sold from 166c to 260c, while manufacturing steers sold to 170c/kg. Cow numbers eased sharply with the heavy selection making from 175c to 195c, to increase by 8c, as the lighter types sold from 112c to restockers and up to 174c/kg to the trade. Bulls sold from 170c to 220c/kg.