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Naracoorte Cattle

October 22, 2019

Yarding    1504
Change      107

Numbers lifted slightly as agents yarded 1,504 head of liveweight and open auction cattle, including a large number of open auction calves. These sold to a smaller field of trade and processor buyers with a regular missing, along with feeder and restocker orders. Quality improves this week with more better types on offer as prices returned a mixed result as the yearling cattle sold to improved rates, while the heavier offering eased. A small number of vealers came forward as steers sold to 320c and heifers to 292c/kg. Yearling steers received some increased demand this week as steers to the trade ranged from 185c to a high of 323c with similar heifers returning from also 185c to 298c/kg. Feeder steers ranged from 230c to 290c with an extra order this week as feeder heifers ranged from 222c to 276c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks lifted in numbers this week with a drop in price of up to 10c as they ranged from 252c to 315c as grown heifers ranged from 210c to 290c and manufacturing steers returned from 210c to 232c/kg. Heavy cows eased up to 3c as they ranged from 218c to 251c as the lighter selection ranged from 142c to 216c with some restocker activity from 215c to 224c/kg. A large offering of bulls ranged from 196c to a high of 276c/kg.