Naracoorte Cattle

July 16, 2019

Yarding  506
Change -211

Cattle numbers lifted to 743 head this week at Naracoorte. Quality ranged from average to good, with the usual buying group in attendance and operating in a dearer market on all classes of cattle. Most young cattle sold 10c to 20c stronger, grown steers were 5c to 10c up on the last reported sale, with cows improving from 15c to 20c and up to 30c/kg on the well covered cows. Bulls sold from firm to a few cents dearer, making to 230c/kg. Numbers were made up of 300 cows, 370 steers and young cattle, 22 bulls and 51 open auction young cattle.
Young cattle sold to the trade from 300c to 336c, with plainer types selling from 222c to 296c/kg. Feeders and restockers paid from 270c to 325c, and from 215c to 265c/kg for plainer 2 scores.
Grown steers sold from 240c to 315c for the medium weights, heavy weights sold from 280c to 295c for the C muscle 3 and 4 scores, with the D muscle steers selling from 270c to 284c/kg. Feeders and restockers paid from 232c to 280c, and from 200c to 228c/kg for lighter plainer lots. Manufacturing steers sold from 240c to 250c, plainer types sold at 176c/kg. Grown heifers sold from 240c to 274c, heavy weights sold from 270c to 295c, feeders paid from 200c to 282c/kg. Heavy cows sold from 262c to 296c, 2 scores sold from 198c to 255c, the 1 scoresranged from 170c to 200c/kg. Medium weights sold from 200c to 248c, 1 scores sold from 178c to 210c/kg. Light D muscle, 2 score cows sold at 230c, the 1 scores sold at 170c/kg. Retockers paid 200c/kg for cows. Beef bulls sold from 204c to 230c, C muscle bulls sold from 190c to 222c/kg.