Bendigo Sheep and Lamb

April 27, 2020

Smaller offerings of both lambs and sheep following more wet weather. There was still good supplies of heavy lambs weighing over 24kg cwt,
many grain assisted. But there was only limited numbers of neat domestic lambs in the 20-22kg cwt category, and also of light processing
stock around 15-18kg. Agents advised that the make-up of the yarding did influence price outcomes. Heavy lambs were firm to just a few
dollars dearer, while the best medium trade lambs improved by $10 to $15/head. Merino lambs with good finish were also dearer. The
stronger result was despite some gaps in the buying ranks, with one major domestic processor not purchasing and some export companies
also very quiet.
Export lambs sold to $295 which is the highest dollar per head price recorded at Bendigo for some weeks. But buyers and agents estimated
these lambs as 38-40kg cwt. Most export lambs sold in a range of $250 to $281/head and were quoted as costing 780c to 800c/kg cwt across
an average run. There was a consistent price pattern of $200 to $230 for the bulk of the heavy trade weight lambs. Agents advised a starting
point of 800c/kg for heavy trades, with rates rising to 880c to 900c/kg cwt for the pick of the neat domestic pens between 20-22kg cwt.
Competition for good quality Merino lambs improved, the heaviest selling to $244/head and quoted at 780c to 740c/kg cwt to trade more
closely to crossbred price rates. Not many good MK style processing lambs were available, buyers still advising a cost of 950c/kg cwt or $150
to $182/head on the better lines.
Just 3,000 sheep and the best quality was across the heavier mutton with numbers of trade and light sheep more limited. Two export
companies dominated competition on heavy crossbred and Merino sheep, keeping prices firm to dearer than a week ago. Agents described it
as one of the strongest mutton sales Bendigo has witnessed, quoting a range of 700c to over 800c on good lines. Heavy sheep made from
$180 to $260/head. There was more than 200 Merino rams sent in from one property and these sold to $188/head in a stronger result…