Naracoorte Sheep & Lamb

Market Day 16 October 2018

Yarding 10184
Change -2975

Lambs 8041
Change -3287

Sheep 2143
Change 312

Numbers eased as agents yarded 8,041 lambs and 2,143 sheep to total 10,184 head, representing a decrease of nearly 3,000 head on last week. These sold to another large field of trade and processor buyers, with restocker orders also present and active.

Quality was mixed, comprising some excellent new season lambs with good weight, along with a number of lighter types suitable to turn out and grow on. Strong competition amongst the buying groups saw a dearer market for both sheep and lambs, with lambs lifting $8 to $12, while sheep increased by $5 to $7/head.

Light weight lambs sold to the trade from $78 to $134, with the light weight 2 and 3 score trade types making from $135 to $148/head. Restockers provided strong competition on suitable lots as they turned light merino lambs back out to the paddock from a low of $26 up to $115 and crossbred types from $79 to $126/head. Trade weight 3 score lambs sold $12 dearer making from $144 to $180/head or mainly from 740c to 770c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs were also in demand, mainly receiving from $185 to $209, with the extra heavy selection being sold from $200 to a market high of $223/head.

There are only small numbers of old lambs coming forward now, with the lighter lots making from $114 to $126, while medium weights sold from $130 to $151/head. The few heavy pens made from $169 to $193/head.

Hoggets sold from $85 to $140, with a small number of wethers returning $118/head. There were a large number of light weight ewes with the merino selection making from $30 to $56 as crossbreds sold from $68 to $89/head. Medium weight ewes sold from $87 to $109, with the heavy selection receiving from $110 to a market high of $145/head. Rams sold from $35 to $88/head.