Naracoorte Cattle

Market Day 16 October 2018

Yarding 743
Change -857

Numbers fell by over half as agents yarded 743 head of liveweight and open auction cattle following widespread rains across the district in the last week. The cattle on offer sold to a slightly smaller field of trade and processor buyers with feeders and restockers also present and active. Quality was extremely mixed with a large percentage lacking in finish as the market produced a mixed result in price.

Vealer numbers remained steady as steers ranged from 266c to 310c and heifers from 250c to 285c/kg with the trade, feeders and restockers all active. Yearling steer numbers dropped right away with the trade active from 252c to 303c with feeders operating from 257c to 270c and restockers from 230c to 271c/kg. Yearling heifers to the trade ranged from 242c to 274c with feeders active from 237c to 245c and restockers purchased to 230c/kg.

Grown steers and the few bullocks were unchanged in price as the trade operated from 240c to 290c with feeder activity on suitable weights from 254c to 263c/kg. A wide range of grown heifers came forward as these ranged from 168c to 282c and manufacturing steers ranged from 190c to 202c/kg. Heavy cows lifted 5c to 7c as these ranged from mainly 188c to 210c with an isolated sale to 216c/kg. Light weight cows ranged from 114c to 178c with heavy bulls ranging from 150c to 195c as light weights sold to a high of 223c/kg.