Pakenham Cattle

Market Day 8 October 2018

Yarding 1486
Change 180

There were approximately 1,000 export and 500 young cattle penned representing an increase of 180 head week-on-week. Most of the usual buying group was present and operating in a cheaper market. Quality was mixed with a larger selection of export weight cattle showing some finish, while there was also a lift in supply of light conditioned young cattle suited to feed and restock. Young cattle suited to the trade sold from firm to 5c easier for most, while plain conditioned light weights sold to very soft competition with some sales up to 50c/kg cheaper. Grown steers and bullocks showing some finish held firm. Heavy grown heifers decreased 18c/kg. Manufacturing steers eased up to 15c/kg. Cows sold mostly 3c to 9c/kg cheaper with the well finished heavy beef cows closer to firm. Heavy bulls eased 10c to 20c/kg.

Vealers showing some finish sold from 255c to 315c with plain conditioned calves receiving as little as 172c/kg and several lots were passed in. Yearling trade steers made from 265c to 324c/kg. Yearling heifers to the trade sold from 244c to 283c, topping at 302c/kg.

Grown steers made from 265c to 290c/kg. Bullocks sold from 270c to 304c/kg. Heavy grown heifers made from 230c to249c/kg. Heavy Friesian manufacturing steers sold from 194c to 210c, with the crossbred  portion making from 239c to 280c/kg.

Most light and medium weight cows made from 110c to 208c with poor light weights receiving as low as 40c/kg. Most heavy weight cows sold from 158c to 236c/kg. Heavy bulls made from 224c and 236c/kg.