Naracoorte Cattle

Market Day 28 August 2018

Yarding 881
Change 306

Numbers lifted as agents yarded 881 head of live weight and open auction cattle. A larger field of active trade and processor buyers all competed for supply, as more restocker and feeder support combined to give the market a small lift in price, with most categories benefitting from this. Quality decreased on the previous week, as only a small number of supplementary fed types came forward, with large numbers of cattle lacking weight and condition on offer.

A small number of light weight vealers came forward with steers making to 292c and heifers reaching a top of 288c/kg. Yearling cattle lifted in number, with a wide range of type and quality on offer. The trade operated on steers from 230c to 292c, as these remained firm in price, while feeders purchased from 224c to 287c/kg. Restockers turned cattle back out from 260c to 275c/kg.

Yearling heifers to the trade sold from 230c to 282c, with restockers active here from 220c to 271c and feeders providing support to 267c/kg.

Grown cattle remained small in number, with the few grown steers and bullocks making from 240c to a high of 303c, lifting by up to 8c/kg. Grown heifers sold from 216c to 284c, with manufacturing steers making to 220c/kg. Cow numbers more than doubled as the heavy selection sold from 220c to 250c with a lift of 3c, while the light weight types sold from 155c up to 218c/kg. Heavy bulls sold from 195c to 228c, with light weights going to a restocker for 235c/kg.