Bendigo Sheep and Lamb

Market Day 20 August 2018

Yarding 20641

Change -1156

Lambs 13197

Change -352 

Sheep 7444 

Change -804

Numbers declined slightly in a mixed yarding made up of old season crossbred and Merino lambs, as well as some quality heavy young lambs from the local area. Missing from the market this week were the big runs of small unshorn lambs from NSW and supplies of young store lambs were limited. All the regular buyers attended and pushed the market higher for the best trade weight lambs, with better conditioned young lambs particularly sought after, averaging $5 to $10/head dearer. The old season lambs showed a lot of variance for breed type, fat cover and skin presentation, and bidding did fluctuate over the market. The pick of the heavy old lambs were dearer on a carcase basis, while secondary types recorded mixed price results. Prices for Merino lambs did improve.

The buying focus was on young lambs and the lead pens weighing over 24kg cwt, which made from $236 to a top of $252/head.

The good trade weight young lambs sold from $180 to $239, with most sales making above $200/head. On a carcase basis these lambs recorded price averages of 870c to 930c/kg cwt, with individual pens reaching higher at times. Processors picked through the plainer and lighter weight young lambs, paying from $132 to $165 for most, although there were pens of good quality 20kg lambs, with decent fat cover that made up to $180/head. The supply of young light weight lambs was drastically reduced

compared to recent markets, and the few sales back to the paddock were dearer on a weight and size basis. The heaviest old lambs, weighing over 30kg cwt, sold from $250 to a top of $286/head. The best pens of heavy trade weights made from $228 to $256/head and estimated close to 890c/kg cwt. Once onto plainer old lambs, many in score 2 condition, prices varied from 700c to 850c/kg cwt. There was a reasonable percentage of Merinos in the yarding and all classes improved on a week ago, with heavy trade weights making to $198/head. Light weight old season lambs were dearer, amid reduced supplies and feeders were prepared to pay a premium for suitable shorn pens with frame size.

Sheep numbers were reduced, although still remained high for the time of the season, nearing 7,500 head. Export support for the heaviest crossbred ewes was flat at $100 to $138/head. Bidding for leaner trade weight Merino sheep was stronger to record averages of 420c to 450c/kg cwt over the better lines.