Market Day 13 August 2018

Yarding 550 
Cattle numbers decreased slightly this week, with 144 cows amongst the offering. Good quality finished grown steers were in
limited supply and attracted a full field of export buyers at the rails. The trade cattle were of mixed quality, with a few pens of
excellent supplementary fed vealers and yearlings meeting strong competition, while the light weight store conditioned young
stock decreased from last week.
The bulk of the vealers made from 275c to 325c/kg. The B muscled supplementary fed yearling steers reached 332c, with the
heifer portion making to 312c/kg. The majority of the yearling heifers made from 249c to 296c/kg. Feed lotters and store buyers
were operating, but not at the usual standard.
The 400-500kg C and B muscled steers made from 290c to 296c/kg. The 500-600kg steers made from 280c to 310c, while a few
pens of exceptionally heavy bullocks weighing from 820kg to just over 900kgs, made from 304c to 307c/kg. The best of the
heavy bullocks reached 314.6c/kg. The beef cows made from 205c to 249c and the dairy cows over 520kg lwt made from 182c
to 206c/kg. Beef bulls sold from 210c to 273c/kg.