Market Day 21 May 2018

Yarding 1545 
There were approximately 900 export and 650 young cattle penned, representing an increase of 830 head week-on-week. The
usual buying group was present and operating in a mixed market where price averages were a reflection of quality. Quality
declined, with most of the supply increase being secondary and plainer types. A very limited selection of finished vealers sold
firm while better shaped European breed calves sold to stronger demand from lot feeders. Yearling grass cattle sold firm while a
better selection of grain assisted lots improved. Secondary and plainer young cattle attracted little competition with some
exceptions for breed. A very mixed selection of grown steers and bullocks sold cheaper in places due to plainer quality.
Well-finished heavy grown heifers sold to solid demand for a better quality selection. Friesian and crossbred manufacturing
steers eased a few cents. The cows consisted of a larger proportion of plainer light and medium weights and demand was a little
erratic, with most averages from firm to 5c/kg easier. A handful of heavy bulls sold to a dearer trend.
Vealers suited to butchers sold from 286c to 320c/kg. Yearling trade steers made between 275c and 311c/kg. Yearling heifers to
the trade sold between 240c and 295c/kg. Feeder steers made from 232c to 296c/kg.
Grown steers sold from 244c to 297c/kg. Bullocks made between 255c and 302c/kg. Heavy weight grown heifers sold between
225c and 282c/kg. Heavy Friesian manufacturing steers made from 203c to 222c, with the crossbred portion from 232c to
270c/kg. Most light and medium weight cows sold from 135c to 210c/kg. Heavy weight cows made mostly between 168c and
234c/kg. Heavy bulls sold between 230c and 258c/kg.