Market Day 19 March 2018

Yarding 1642 
There were approximately 1150 export and 500 young cattle penned for the first combined sale which represented an increase
of 500 head due in part to the added categories of cows and bulls. The usual buying group was present and operating more
selectively in a mostly cheaper market. Quality declined with most cattle affected by the dry and prices throughout reflected this.
The best vealers improved a little while the secondary calves eased up to 10c/kg. Yearling trade steers were in short supply
while feeder steers were mostly 5c to 15c/kg cheaper. Yearling heifers to the trade eased 4c to 5c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks
sold mostly 3c to 6c/kg cheaper. Heavy Friesian and crossbred manufacturing steers were off 5c to 10c/kg. Cows sold generally
firm on most sales while the heavy weight bulls improved 9c to 18c/kg.
Vealers to butchers sold from 295c to 328c/kg. Yearling trade steers made between 258c and 280c/kg. Yearling heifers to the
trade sold between 242c and 280c/kg. Medium and heavy weight feeder steers made from 239c to 280c/kg.
Grown steers sold from 242c to 265c/kg. Bullocks made between 243c and 271c/kg. Heavy weight Friesian manufacturing steers
sold between 188c and 210c with the crossbred portion between 205c and 245c/kg. Most light and medium weight cows made
from 152c to 206c/kg. Heavy weight cows sold mostly from 178c to 219c/kg. Heavy bulls made between 228c and 246c/kg.