Naracoorte Lamb

Market Day 16 January 2018

Yarding 4500
Lambs 3000
Sheep 1500
Numbers came back as agents offered 3,000 lambs and 1,500 sheep. While one major processor was absent, a good field of
trade and restocker buyers were in attendance. Quality was again extremely mixed throughout the sale and while a few pens of
better quality older lambs came forward, the majority were of mainly plainer types and showing dryness in the skins. Prices were
firm on the previous sale on type and condition.
Extremely light score 2 lambs ranged from $40 to $83 with score 3 types selling from $82 to $118/head. Medium weights,
16-22kg, ranged from $102 to $127/head. Trade weights sold mainly from $121 to $134 with the best of the heavy weight
lambs trading from $157 to a top of $188/head.
Hoggets were mostly of heavier weights and these ranged from $84 to $136/head, firm week on week. Light ewes ranged from
$55 to $112 and were generally firm in price, while heavier ewes traded from $112 to $130 back by $5 to $8/head. Rams
generally sold from $52 to $79/head..
Hoggets made from $98 to $144 with light weight ewes made $44 to $86/head. Medium weighted ewes made from $88 to $116
with the heavy ewes being well supplied as they made $110 to a market high of $148/head. A small number of wethers made
from $134 to $150 as rams returned vendors from $55 to $88/head.