Naracoorte Lamb

Market Day 7 August 2018

Yarding 3117 Lambs 2021 Sheep 1096 
Numbers lifted slightly as agents yarded 2,021 lambs and 1,096 sheep to a total of 3,117 head overall. These sold to the usual
array of trade and processor buyers with a small number of restockers active in the market. Quality was again mixed with
something for all buyers on offer with the lamb market improving and selling to dearer prices.
A small number of new season lambs came forward with restockers active from $84 to $116, and the best of the light trade
types selling to $146/head.
Light lambs to the trade sold from $55 to $126, while the light trade 2 and 3 score types made from $124 to $148/head. Trade
weight lambs sold from $142 to $180, with similar weighted Merinos recieving from $129 to $150/head. Heavy lambs were in
demand from the buying group as they sold from mainly $190 to $223, to range from 780c to 820c/kg cwt, a lift of $6 to
$8/head. The few heavy lambs sold from $220 to a market high of $250/head.
Hoggets made from $75 to $142, with light ewes making from $43 to $72/head. Medium weighted ewes sold from $77 to $90,
while the heavy ewes made from $85 to a high of $146, a decrease in price of $4 to $7/head. A small run of light wethers made
from $72 to $80, with both the trade and restockers active, and rams sold from $35 to $88/head.