Naracoorte Lamb

Market Day 17 July 2018

Yarding 3783
Lambs 2508
Sheep 1275 
Numbers halved as agents yarded 2,508 lambs and 1,275 sheep, totalling 3,783 head. The total number of sheep and lambs sold
to a larger field of trade and processor buyers, all of which competed strongly for supply at a wet Naracoorte. Quality was very
mixed, with animals that had a wide range of weights, condition and skin length. The extreme prices of recent weeks continued,
with yet another dearer market for both sheep and lambs.
Light weight lambs to the trade sold from $60 to $128, with the light weight trade 2 and 3 score types making from $127 to
$142/head. Trade weight 3 score lambs received from $140 to $178/head, making mainly 700c to 750c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs
sold from $160 to $201, while the small supply of extra heavy export lambs sold from $200 to a market high of $212/head.
Hoggets sold from $78 to $106 for the light selection, while the heavy hoggets made from $116 to $150/head. Ewes were in
demand again, with a lift of $10 to $15, as light weight types sold from $39 to $108/head. The medium weight selection made
from $92 to $136, with heavy ewes selling from $138, to a market high of $170/head. Rams received from $48 to $98/head.