Naracoorte Lamb

Market Day 6 March 2018

Yarding 5932
Lambs 4569
Sheep 1363 
Numbers lifted as agents yarded 4,569 lambs and 1,363 sheep to total 5,932 head. These sold to the usual field of trade and
processor buyers with several strong restocker orders providing competition on store conditioned types. Quality was very mixed
with all categories present and several large runs of store types coming forward. Pricing fluctuated across the different categories
with strong competition on the store types lifting prices in this category.
Light weight lambs to the trade made from $70 to $125 with the light weight trade 2 and 3 score types from $113 to $128/head.
Restockers purchased the very light from $43 to $94 and those with better conditioning from $116 to $129/head. Trade weight 3
score lambs sold from $132 to $142 with these lambs from 580c to 600c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs made from $146 to $162 with the
extra heavy export weighted types sold from $171 to a market high of $194/head.
Hoggets made from $75 to $102 with light weight ewes from $32 to $78/head. Medium weighted ewes sold from $74 to $112 as
the heavy selection made from $105 to $123/head. Rams sold to a high of $80/head.