Naracoorte Lamb

Market Day 22 May 2018

Yarding 4131
Lambs 3252
Sheep 879 
Numbers increased as agents yarded virtually the same number of 3,252 lambs and a much larger offering of sheep with 879
head to provide a combined total of 4,131 head. These sold to the usual small field of trade and processor buyers with an
increase in restocker interest this week as one strong order in particular sought supply of light and store conditioned lambs to
grow on. An additional sheep buyer also added strength to the mutton market as both the lamb and sheep markets sold dearer
than the previous week.
Light lambs were plentiful with the trade operating from $65 to $128 as the light weight trade 2 and 3 score types sold from
$115 to $132/head. Restockers competed strongly with the trade for lambs to grow on as they purchased from $83 for Merinos
and up to $129/head for crossbreds. Trade weight 3 score lambs made from $128 to $144 to be from firm to $3/head dearer as
they averaged 620c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs were keenly sought after as they sold from $146 to $166 with the extra heavy
selection from $160 up to a market high of $205 as these lambs lifted up to $8/head. Hoggets made from $80 to $137 with light
ewes from $85 to $96/head.
Medium and heavy ewes were sought after with strong competition between the trade with these ewes lifting by $15 to
$20/head. Medium ewes made from $115 to $135 as the heavy ewes sold from $132 to a market high of $166/head. Rams
made from $65 to $80/head.