Market Day 13 August 2018

Yarding 21797
Lambs 13549
Sheep 8248 
Lamb supply eased to 13,500 head, back by 8,000 head, and demand from both processors and store buyers stepped-up to
create a much dearer market than a week ago. The yarding comprised a mix of old season and young unshorn lambs, and like
last Monday included several big drafts of crossbred store lambs from NSW. Prices for heavy young lambs lifted by $5 to $12,
while some of the old season pens gained $20/head. Store demand intensified and a large crowd of farmers and agents watched
as the market for small lambs back to the paddock averaged $20/head dearer. The sale posted a new Bendigo record, and
possible Victorian title, of $298/head for a pen of 30 extra heavy second-cross Dorset lambs estimated to weigh over 40kg cwt.
There was some outstanding new season lambs which sold to a top of $255 for around 28kg cwt, with the lead runs weighing
above 23kg cwt all making above $200, to average $235/head. The best quality old season lambs with weight made from $214
to $263/head. Supplies of well presented domestic lambs around 21-22kg cwt were very limited and they attracted strong
demand, to make from $183 to $207/head. In carcase terms it pushed average prices back up to between 850c to 900c/kg cwt,
with select pens higher during the sale. Trade weight supplementary fed Merino lambs reached $196, however demand for any
secondary light weight Merinos lacking fat cover remained subdued. Bidding for young store lambs was at much keener levels
than a week ago and was dominated by southern buyers from Tasmania, Colac, Finley and the local area. The bigger-framed
lambs sold from $110 to $129, while the large drafts of smaller first-cross lambs from NSW made from $44 to $90, to average
Mutton was dear, although results were erratic at times over some of the crossbred ewes and smaller lines of full wool Merinos.
Some heavy sheep categories lifted by up to $20/head, while others gained a few dollars on a week ago. Heavy crossbred ewes
made from $114 to $160/head. Merino ewes sold to $142, most sales of the heavier types sold from $90 to $132/head. Good
lines of mutton were estimated as costing from 380c to 430c/kg cwt.