Market Day 15 January 2018

Yarding 25715
Lambs 19715
Sheep 6000 
Lamb supply remained similar, however buyer demand lacked the intensity of a week ago which resulted in a fluctuating and
cheaper market. Prices eased by $5 to $15/head with quality and finish a factor. The best pens of shorn heavy and trade weight
lambs held their value, while secondary full wool young lambs were the most discounted. All the regular buyers attended, but
some only operated in a limited capacity.
One agency had a stand-out run of extra heavy shorn lambs over 30kg cwt which sold from $208 to a market top of $239/head.
The main run of shorn crossbred lambs in the 26-30kg range sold from $170 to $195 to average $188/head with domestic
buyers occasionally pushing into this weight bracket.
The good drafts of heavy trade weight lambs averaged $174/head. On a carcase basis most trade and export lambs to
processors averaged 630c to 660c/kg cwt. Plainer lambs and odd lots were discounted below this carcase price range, with
secondary full wool young lambs under 600c/kg cwt at times. Most light lambs varied from $90 to $130/head in an easier result
to both processors and restockers.
Sheep numbers eased to 6,000 head, and like last week, not all the major exporters competed. Prices were cheaper, most by $5
to $10/head with light mutton the least affected by the weaker trend. Heavy crossbred ewes sold from $110 to a top of
$148/head. In the Merino run ewes sold to $157 and wethers to $150/head. The general run of trade mutton varied from $90 to
$115/head. Light sheep made from $70 to $90/head. In carcase terms the heaviest ewes were tracking under 400c, with most
trade sheep from 400c to 450c/kg cwt.