Naracoorte Cattle

Market Day 16 January 2018

Yarding 960
Numbers were back as agents offered 960 head to a good field of trade and processor buyers, feeders and restockers. Quality
was again mixed with fewer vealers on offer and an increase in grown steers and heifers.
Steer vealers attracted competition from the trade and restockers to see prices up by 6c to 8c to sell from 275c to 304c/kg.
Vealer heifers were mostly of plainer types with limited competition to see prices ease by an average of 5c to sell from 255c to
290c/kg. Yearlings were offered in similar numbers to last week with choice types hard to find and steers and heifers were back
by 5c to 8c/kg. Yearling steers sold from 180c for the plain types to a top of 286c/kg for better conditioned calves. Yearling
heifers were mostly of heavier weights and these sold from 235c to a top of 266c/kg.
Grown steer and heifer numbers almost doubled and most were C3 types and saw prices ease by from 5c to 8c/kg across the
offering. Lighter grown steers sold from 185c to 262c, medium weights from 252c to 262c and heavy weights from 248c to
267c/kg. Grown heifers were mostly heavy weights and these made from 215c to 268c/kg. Cows were also mostly of heavier
weights and these sold from 178c to a top of 238c/kg. Bulls sold from 140c to a top of 238c/kg.