Naracoorte Cattle

Market Day 17 July 2018

Yarding 795
Change -334
Numbers eased as agents yarded 795 head of live weight and open auction cattle at Naracoorte. These sold to the usual array of
trade and processor buyers, who provided stronger competition on a mixed quality offering. A greater number of supplementary
fed cattle were on offer, lifting quality and these were in demand, resulting in another dearer market.
A small number of vealers were on offer with steers returning to 315c and heifers to 288c/kg. Yearling steers lifted in number
and quality, with a number of pens benefitting from supplementary feed. These lifted the price by 15c to 20c/kg to the trade.
Additionally, an extra buyer provided strong competition driving prices up to 275c after a high of 316c/kg. Feeder and restocker
steers eased most of their gains attained from last week, with feeder steers receiving from 240c to 298c and restockers making
from 230c to 290c/kg. Yearling heifers to the trade increased in price by 5c to 10c, with more in places as the trade purchased
from 265c to 305c, with feeders making up to 276c and restockers topping at 220c/kg.
Grown cattle decreased in number, with the grown steers and bullocks making from 267c to 304c, an increase of 10c/kg.
Alternatively, grown heifers made from 230c to 285c/kg, with a similar lift in price. Once again, cows were in demand from the
buying group, with less on offer this week as the heavy cows sold from 230c to a high of 252c, a lift of 8c to 10c/kg. Light
weight cows sold from 172c to 216c with bulls making from 200c to 225c/kg.