Naracoorte Cattle

Market Day 21 May 2018

Yarding 308 
Numbers remained steady as agents yarded 308 head of live weight and open auction cattle. These sold to a smaller field of
trade and processor buyers, not all of these fully active with a small number of cattle on offer. Feeders were present and active
with a small amount of restocker interest in a stronger market.
Yearling steers were of mixed quality as the trade was active from 275c to 285c, with a lift of 5c. As feeders operated from 252c
to 282c, there was a small amount of restocker interest to 279c/kg. Yearling heifers to the trade sold from 260c to 290c with
feeders seeking supply from 226c to a high of 273c/kg.
Grown steers remained small in number as they made from 245c to 275c with grown heifers making from 208c to 264c/kg. Cow
numbers increased with the light weight types from 150c to 196c as the heavier selection sold from 200c to 215c, with a lift in
price from 4c to 6c/kg. Light weight bulls sold to 210c with the heavy selection making from 195c to 218c/kg.