Naracoorte Cattle

Market Day 14 August 2018

Yarding 501 
Numbers eased as agents yarded 501 head of live weight and open auction cattle. These sold to the usual array of trade and
processor buyers with feeder orders also present and active. Quality lifted on the previous week with a larger number of
supplementary fed cattle coming forward, and those on offer receiving increased buyer demand, resulting in a dearer market.
Yearling steers to the trade ranged from 250c to 310c, with a lift in price of 8c, while feeders were active and sought steers from
230c to 245c/kg. Yearling heifers to the trade ranged from 244c to 289c, with feeders active to 244c, and there was a small
amount of restocker activity to 205c/kg.
Grown cattle were small in number, with the grown steers and few bullocks ranging from 296c to 300c, as grown heifers ranged
from 250c to 287c/kg. Manufacturing steers ranged from 190c to 244c/kg. Cow numbers dropped sharply with only a small
offering as the heavy selection ranged from 222c to 245c to regain last week’s losses, lifting by 10c to 20c with the few light
weight types ranging from 139c to 222c/kg. Bulls ranged from 195c to 230c/kg.