Naracoorte Lamb

Market Day 10 October 2017

Yarding 12369
Lambs 10817
Sheep 1552
Comparison date 3rd October 2017
Change -765
Change -1700
Change 935
Numbers eased as agents yarded less lambs and more sheep with 10,817 lambs and 1,552 sheep coming forward to total
12,369 head. The large field of trade and processor buyers were again present and active on another good quality offering. A
larger number of restocker buyers were present, however not all of these participated with a larger supply of trade weight types
and less stores amongst the offering. Competition was strong on all lambs which led to another rising market with a general lift
of $2 to $4/head in another positive outcome for producers.
Light weight lambs to the trade ranged from $84 to $115 as the large number of restockers competed to turn lambs out ranging
from $97 to $116/head with less lambs available for these buyers. Light weight trade 2 and 3 score lambs ranged from $116 to
$124, with the trade weight 3 score selection ranging from $125 to $154, with a lift of $3/head and an average of 625c/kg cwt.
Heavy lambs were well supplied as they ranged from $146 to $174/head. Extra heavy lambs only made up a small percentage of
the yarding as they ranged from $168 to a market high of $185/head. A small number of old lambs came forward as these
ranged from $96 to $150 with hoggets ranging from $72 to $94 for the lighter weights and the heavier selection ranging from
$110 to $120/head.
Sheep numbers more than doubled with most of these being heavy weight types. Lighter types ranged from $74 to $84 with the
heavier selection ranging from $91 to a top of $103/head. A small supply of wethers sold to $78 and rams ranged from $55 to