Naracoorte Cattle

Market Day 10 October 2017

Yarding 1095
Comparison date 3rd October 2017
Change 416
Numbers rose as agents yarded 1,095 head of live weight and open auction cattle. It was a dearer market with the large field of
trade and processor buyers returning, and a regular buyer welcomed back into the fold as extra restocker and feeder orders
combined with strong trade support drove prices up. Quality improved again with excellent weights and finish coming forward for
the buying group.
Yearling steer quality lifted with some well-bred types among the offering with the trade providing strong competition, paying
from 270c to 296c with a lift of 15c to 18c/kg. Feeders were active, ranging from 278c to 289c and an extra restocker order
added strength to the market, paying from 267c to a high of 307c/kg. Yearling heifers followed the lead of the steers with
improved quality and finish on offer with the trade purchasing from 240c to 289c, while feeder support ranged from 250c to
275c with a lift in price here of 12c/kg.
Grown cattle also lifted in weight and finish with good quality throughout the market as the trade provided strong competition,
ranging from 260c to 296c on grown steers with bullocks ranging from 247c to 290c, experiencing a lift in price of 10c to 12c/kg.
Grown heifers received a similar lift as they sold from 226c to 276c and the few manufacturing steers sold to 235c/kg. Heavy
weight cows lifted slightly by up to 3c, making from 223c to 239c to the trade with the lighter selection selling from 198c to
222c/kg. Restockers were active here from 185c to 196c/kg. Heavy bulls ranged from 215c to 250c with light weights selling to