Market Day 9 October 2017

Yarding 488
Comparison date 2nd October 2017
Change 137
There were approximately 290 export and 200 young cattle penned, representing an increase of 140 head week-on-week. The
usual buying group was present and competing in a dearer market. Quality improved with more prime cattle on offer, a greater
proportion of which were showing better condition as the season changes. A slightly larger selection of vealers increased 15c to
25c/kg for better quality. The few yearling trade steers yarded sold 10c to 20c/kg dearer. Yearling heifers to the trade improved
5c to 15c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks gained 13c to 14c/kg. Manufacturing steers were a few cents better.
Vealers suited to butchers sold from 292c to 335c/kg. Yearling trade steers made between 280c and 295c/kg. Yearling heifers to
the trade sold between 260c and 285c, after a top of 310c/kg.
Grown steers made from 256c to 292c/kg. Bullocks sold from 270c to 290c/kg. Heavy weight grown heifers showing good finish
made between 255c and 265c/kg. A small number of Friesian manufacturing steers sold between 232c and 242c, with the
crossbred portion making between 247c and 265c/kg.