Market Day 9 October 2017

Yarding 32591
Lambs 25699
Sheep 6892

Comparison date 2nd October 2017
Change 3904
Change 4117
Change -213
Lamb numbers lifted to nearly 26,000 in the biggest yarding held at Bendigo so far this spring, up 4,000 head on a week ago.
Much of the increase in numbers comprised lighter weight store young lambs, with the actual supply of well finished heavy and
trade weight lambs declining compared to last Monday. All the regular buyers competed in a solid market, with some of the
neatest domestic young lambs dearer. Competition for store lambs was strong, with more local orders from the Bendigo area
stepping into the market alongside buyers from Ballarat, Horsham, Shepparton and Echuca. Lighter lambs gained up to
$10/head in places.
Bidding reached a top of $195/head for a small pen of 12 extra heavy young lambs. The next best price was $188, and showing
how there wasn't a lot of weight across the yarding there were less than 20 pens of lambs which made above $170/head. Most
of the good trade lambs to domestic processors sold from $135 to $168, with a neat run of crossbred lambs in the 22-24kg c/wt
range averaging around $152/head. Specialist store buyers from Ballarat competed with processors on some pens, paying up to
$143 for lambs to shear. On a carcass basis an estimated range of 580c to 600c still covered most sales for lambs to slaughter,
although there was premiums paid for select domestic pens at 610c to 640c/kg plus. A high percentage of the yarding was made
up of lambs weighing less than 20kg, and the bulk of these made from $90 to $125/head depending on weight and quality. An
average run of small lambs to the paddock cost around $110/head.
Competition for sheep was boosted by an additional export order for heavy mutton, helping lift prices by $10 to $15/head across
the main runs of crossbred and Merino ewes and wethers. Extra heavy crossbred ewes sold to $134 with most sales from $100
to $118/head. Merino ewes with some skin value sold to $125, with the bulk of the shorn ewes from $85 to $110/head
depending on size and condition. Heavy crossbred sheep were estimated at 320c to 350c, with rates improving to average
around 400c/kg on the good runs of heavy and trade weight Merinos.